4 SAFe Fails

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SAFER SAFe! You use #SAFe(R) for #scalingagile, but there is no bottom-line impact? Then you stumbled probably into one of these 4 SAFe fails!

1) SAFe is already pipeline (value-stream) oriented - so you can use the "Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope (sDBR)" from #TOC to identify the constraint and easily stagger all deliveries - minutes instead of days.

2) SAFe educates the middle management on what to do without any buy-in. Asking the middle #manager why it doesn’t work will reveal the stuff you have to do and build real buy-in.

3) SAFe needs value streams - that is good, but usually, the companies are still in old architectures - there is a misfit. So you have to accept the reality and build a long-term strategy for value streams on platforms.

4) SAFe has no signal for cross-release train management and operational priority - therefore, no self-organization can happen. Ever thought about using Critical Chain (#CCPM) as middle layer control? A game-changer.


There are long term proven solutions for these occurances. Just visit our website and contact us!


p.s.: this is not SAFe bashing - it is all about making SAFe better to have better results for the people and companies