The effect of bad multitasking

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A quick look into Goldratt's Rules of Flow: an interesting graphic for multitasking

<< Rick turns to the whiteboard and starts drawing.
“Let’s look at a simple example where we have three projects, each of which takes nine days to complete.”
Rick points to the top row.
“Here there is no multitasking. So, we start working on project A on day one, and complete it in nine days. We start working on project B on the tenth day and complete it in nine days, and we only start working on project C on the nineteenth day, but we also complete it in nine days.”
Rick proceeds, “In the bottom row, the squares indicate we multitask between the projects. We start with project A, but after completing only a third of it, we switch to work on project B, and after completing only a third of B, we switch to project C, et cetera. As above, we start working on project A on day one, but look what happens to its lead time.”>>

What do you think are the effects on:
- Your due date performance with this approach
- Your team(s)
- The people in the team(s)
- Does this reduce the effects of negative multi-tasking?
- When does learning from projects running the FLOW way happen? While on travel or when the project is done and over?