The Fever Curve in CCPM

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Do you remember those fever curves we often associate with hospitals, where they diligently monitor patients' temperatures? Well, it might sound strange, but there's a fascinating similarity between those curves and how we manage projects in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).

In CCPM, it's not about how quickly we kick off a project but rather how efficiently we bring it to a successful conclusion.

So, how do we make this happen?

We start by regularly engaging with the individuals responsible for various project tasks. Whether it's a daily check-in or a weekly update, the #goal is to understand how long they anticipate needing to complete their tasks. This information forms the basis of our calculations along the critical chain, helping us determine the remaining duration of the entire project. Additionally, it enables us to gauge how much of the project's #buffer has been consumed.

Imagine we conduct these check-ins weekly, resulting in one data point each week. As we connect these data points, we begin to create what I like to call the "fever curve." This curve is an essential tool for project managers in CCPM, providing valuable insights into the project's #health and #progress.

In essence, the fever curve in CCPM is a visual representation of a project's health and status. It empowers project managers to make informed decisions, prioritize tasks effectively, and take corrective actions when necessary.

So, next time you hear about fever curves, don't just think about thermometers in hospitals. Think about how they can help your projects stay on track!